Friday, 12 March 2010

Sleep: Issue #101

Why is it such a big deal for us?

Because we're losing our sleep...and sanity.

So where are we at in this huge sleeping debacle in this household? Firstly, Lucas moved into the same bedroom as Lachlan. This was a big step for Lachlan, as it was he who was having sleeping through problems. We thought Lucas might teach him a thing or two about sleeping on his own and in his own bedroom. They then took turns waking each other up, and it did not stop Lachlan from running to our bedroom still in the wee hours of the morning. One good thing though, is that they fall asleep on their own. But not without mucking around for up to an hour before sleep time, which can drive you up the wall because they end up jumping on the bed, pulling curtains down, throwing pillows around, taking turns doing poos, wees etc.

Now, Lucas is climbing OUT of his cot, the one thing that could jail him in (More like our "get out of jail free" card). He pulls himself up and swing himself around and out he gets! This meant gaaaaaaaaahhhhh we could no longer MAKE him go to sleep on.his.own. And one other thing, he likes to strip himself butt naked, including pants, nappies and all. Just imagine our horror walking into the bedroom to see a naked toddler tarzan himself out of the cot, swinging on the curtains, toys, pants, nappies strewn across the room.



So last week, we took apart the cot, make it a big deal for Lucas that he has graduated to a big boy's bed. So he can freely climb in and out of his bed, when he wish. Now we have not ONE but TWO pitter patter feet running to our bedroom in the wee hours of the morning.

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maggie said...

hahaha.. Grace, you are hilarious!!! i am laughing so loud reading your post