Monday, 8 March 2010

Lucas @ 22 months

It's been a little while since I've written one for the boys, mind you they have been keeping me real busy. There's always a trick or two up their sleeves, never a dull moment. I don't even know where to begin... But here, a photo of my little charmer as a peace offering.

This is Lucas. Remember him?

He turns 22 months today. Oh boy, how time flies. It wasn't too long ago when I had him in my arms, he had me at the first hello. He was such a good baby. Easy, slept and fed well, and when he smiles he just melts your heart. On his trip overseas, he had his grandparents, his uncles and aunties, his cousins smitten, twisted around his little finger. And yet, he is still this little Mr. independent always wanting to do things for himself. Sometimes it works against us, like when we're eating at a busy hawker centre, he would rather pick up slushy noodles with his bare hands and eats it himself rather than us feeding him. Eekkk.... But most of the time back home, it is just so so good. Plonk him down on his chair and off he goes with his food, now with a spoon and fork!

And he is just such a good eater, people would usually stare in amazement how much food this little tum can guzzle down! It's like there's a monster in his tummy.

He gets everywhere and into everything now! I don't even remember Lachlan being so active physically when he was at the same age. Lucas knows that if he grabbed the stool from the bathroom, he could reach the higher shelves in the pantry, or climb up the kitchen bench and help himself with a muffin or two. He knows that if he wedge his ride along toy in a corner, between the wall and the safety gate (that is to stop him from going into the front lounge area), he could climb over the gate and be free. He could climb up the change table from the bathtub, and yell out "DONE!" telling you he's done with his bath. And often he gets stuck in tight corners, like behind the TV where all the electrical wires are hanging out.

But. He is not exactly more accident prone than his brother. He is just so much more active, getting into more mischief and getting himself into more trouble.

He is a toughy. He fights with his older brother (ALL THE TIME!) and wins. He gets punished, but he is still defiant, he shows you that nothing you do is going to get at him. And this send me into boiling point EVERYDAY. He knows the things he's not supposed to be doing (like climbing behind the TV cabinet), but still looks at you with a look of mischief and does it to get attention. I guess that's what he is doing, attention seeking. And he gets it. From scolding, to time out in the laundry to little smacks on his hand. It doesn't work! You smack his hand, he holds out the other hand for you and say "more!". He wants ONE MORE SMACK??? Gaaaaahhhh.....

So now I try to ignore him. Ignorance is bliss. I switch the TV off and the mains off if he goes behind the TV. I take his toys away if he misuses it. I think it's working... I don't know.

I've forgotten when he started talking, but he does! He is a walking parrot. He repeats everything you say. His favourite at the moment is "NO" like any other toddler I guess. But he counts from 1 - 10 in English and in Cantonese. He sings ABC. He loves Baa Baa Black Sheep. He loves singing! Especially bedtime. After we say our good nights, I plonk him down in his cot and he sings out LOUD for at least 30 minutes before there's silence. He knows (snippets of) the lyrics to Frankie Valli's "You're Just to Good to be True" and Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer" (thanks to Guitar Hero).

So yeah. This is Lucas at 22 months. Best Blogger Tips


maggie said...

Grace, looks like you have a handful there! handful of joy more like it. there is so much pride and joy in the way you write this post. you adore and love you to bits!..:)) Happy 22 months Lucas! you are one handsome chap!

Grace said...

Hehe.. thanks darls! I don't know how you manage your two boys and work full time!! You are the super mummy! :D