Sunday, 28 March 2010

Fenced In

I can't believe it took us two years deliberating on a fence for our front garden and "Mr. Muscles" *wolf whistle* less than 2 days to build it! It is finally done.

When we moved into this house over 6 years ago, we thought less garden means less weeds to pull, less maintenance, more time for other more important stuff. Little did we know that we'll be running out of room so quickly in such a short span of time! (That's too much time spent indoors! O.o Heh)

There's no soft squishy grass to roll around on, no room for a trampoline and JUST enough space for one tiny tricycle to go round and round in circles.

So our lovely neighbours built their fence about 2 years ago and it looked magnificent AND they DID IT ALL BY THEMSELVES! Their kids have a bit more room to roam around freely and it's peace of mind knowing that they will be "safe" from the oncoming traffic. (Although now they effortlessly just jump over the fence).

And with just a little persuasion, I got my own "Mr. Muscles" to agree to help build me my fence. That was 2 years ago. Time constraint, work (a LOT of work), kids etc got in the way and in the end, I gave up waiting and PAID for another set of muscles! He hee hee.... it's all worth it in the end.

Now, I throw the boys OUTSIDE of the house and at the same time keep them IN. It is fully enclosed, complete with a sliding gate. They play basketball out on the driveway, ride their bicycles in bigger circles, play more ball games, mini tennis, mini golf etc. And I get to have the house all to myself. I am completely happy. Best Blogger Tips

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Mamapumpkin said...

That is the greatest! And I am jealous!