Sunday, 28 March 2010

Home Made Ice Cream


So last week I posted a recipe that got some of my friends (from across the globe) raving. Ben's. Beaut. Brownies. Mouth watering, ultra decadent, mind blowing, chocolatey goodness. It is quite simple to make, it has all the right textures, moist gooey fudgy chocolate inside with a delicate crisp skin. You can't stop them from asking for some more!

So I made them again yesterday. And I thought I might try my hands on this really REALLY simple ice cream recipe that I found on the net ages ago to go with the brownies. Get ready for this, it is SO easy, blink and you will miss it. 2 ingredients 2 minutes. Alright, maybe 3. No need for an ice cream maker, no messing around with egg yolks, no scraping, refreezing, etc.

Home Made Vanilla Ice Cream

600ml fresh pure cream
300ml can of condense milk
1 tsp pure vanilla paste (or 1 tablespoon pure vanilla extract)

In a mixer, whip cream on high speed until soft peaks form. Turn down the motor and drizzle in condense milk and vanilla. Pour into a 2L ice cream container and pop in freezer for at least 6 hours. And it actually taste like REAL ice cream. Creamy, soft and smooth.

I am in heaven. If I shut out the fact that I'm spooning pure cream and CONDENSE milk into my mouth, to go along with those damn chocolate brownies that you just can't get enough of! Gaaahhhh....

Photo "borrowed" from Singapore (thanks KH & M!) because it looks divine. And that might be err.... Haagen Daz Vanilla Ice Cream! Heh :) Best Blogger Tips

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