Monday, 1 February 2010

Home Improvement

We had a rather productive and satisfying weekend, working on a little project that has been on our to-do-list for a while now. Our front garden! Well, a tiny bit of our front garden anyways. The rest of it is still a barren, weedy, dusty, impoverished chunk of land! Sigh...

Anyways, we started work on a small triangular spot just right next to the entrance to our house. We leveled the land, emptying almost 6 wheel barrow loads of top soil onto our backyard (another small vege patch, yay!), and then realised all that's left was disgustingly hard clay soil. We wanted this garden to be as low maintenance as possible, so I've chosen a few hardy plants. I surely hope they're as hardy as promised on its label. "Thrives on neglect": I just love the sound of that! Haha!

On the back, Cordyline "Red Sensation", and a few scattered patches of Acacia Cognata "Limelight". We then laid a weed mat over the rest of the soil, scattered blocks of stepping stones and 2 logs of wood I found sitting in the garage and filled the rest of the space up with polished river stones and white crushed marble.

And we adopted this little fella. Her name is Elly the Elephant. So says Lachy.

One little step at a time, let's hope we get this project done by the end of summer. Best Blogger Tips


Wear, Show & Tell said...

Woman... you are doing all this in your 3rd Trimester!!?? *Grace drops to her knees and lowers into a head bow....humming you are...a..w...e..s...o...m...e.*

Congrates again and can't wait to for No.3!

P.s Let me know if you need anything, or helps :), though I'm sure you have plenty of help around.


Grace said...

LOLOLOL!!! I've been known around here as the "bull"! But nowadays I sit in the wheelbarrow and just give commands to my troop to do this and that... :P

Thanks for the offer Grace, would LOVE to catch up with you and your adorable girlies one day! And boy don't you look gorgeous you hot mama (after 2 babies!!! amazing!)