Sunday, 15 November 2009

This Is How You Eat Spaghetti

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Grace Liew said...

Finger lickin' Good eh? hahaha

Mamapumpkin said...'s going to be my turn we go all over again!!!

Grace said...

Hi Grace!
Can't wait to eat all the yummies in Msia!! Your sambal petai pictures gave me cravings!!! XOX

Mamapumpkin: LOL! The cycle goes on, now it's my turn GROW and mind you, I have! And soon there'll be sleepless nights, boobs belonging to someone else, vomit, milk poo...etc etc etc!!! What are we doing to ourselves?????

maggie said...

remind me of lachy when i first saw him eating your famous CKT.. and by they do look alike in these pictures.. i can't even tell them apart.
and joel has the same bowl too.. ahhaha

Wandernut said...

I can't begin to imagine the amount of laundry you have to do each day! Hahahaha! He's precious!

Grace said...

Hi Mags! We do have a lot of same same things don't we?? Including 2 cheeky monkey boys...

Nut: If you look closely, he's not wearing anything underneath! I don't know why dadda put a bib on him?!?! LOL