Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Pregnancy Diary: Week 7. Cravings

The thought of me being at the height of my first pregnancy makes me cringe with horror. I was massively overweight, my behind was just about the size of a momma whale and my legs were like two hot air balloons, except very much grounded. With my second pregnancy, I was a little more active, I didn't get as much water retention but I was still massive.

Now, with my third, I could sense that it's happening all over again! I eat and boy I mean I do EAT! Just 2 hours past lunch, I'm hungry again. I mean, my baby is now the size of a peanut. How much food does one need to consume to sustain a peanut?? Is it really hunger? I wake up and have a bowl of cereal, 2 hours later a cup of coffee and two slices of toast. Lunch time is whatever, and a couple of hours later, I'll have another serving! Dinner MUST be at six otherwise I might just be too sick. And in between all these, I eat fresh whole lemons like oranges, sour snake gummies or extreme sour straps in Apple flavour. Kid you not, I eat 5-6 lemons in a day! I also have a thing for balsamic vinegar, but at least I have that guilt free with a serving (or two or three) of rocket and pears. Yes, a bowl of salad eaten with a spoon! I'd rather not be caught drinking balsamic of modena from a wine glass.

My gym membership is on hold due to my all day sickness, I feel so sluggish and unfit and fat. I'm incapacitated to do the things I normally enjoy doing, like blogging, cooking, baking or just going out. It's really quite miserable. Wasn't I meant to feel blissful, feminine and on top of the world? It seems that with each of my pregnancies, I'm feeling more and more dreadful, sore, tired, moody and lousy, among other things.

Will somebody please remind me not to get pregnant again after this?
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Wandernut said...

Poor Gracie dear.
Do you get asamboi there?

Grace said...

I got some from an aunt who got it from Penang. The good stuff! Except in limited quantities, so I have to ration it. The asamboi from the Asian shops here are not so nice... Anyone from Penang want to send a bigpacket of asamboi over???? :)

Mamapumpkin said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Although you only have a peanut, your body's working overtime to adjust itself in making the best home for it, so of course you're always hungry! You think it's easy building a home?

For morning sickness, you have to drink. Even if it's 3 small sips every hour. Hydration will dilute the hormones so your sickness is lessened.

Grace said...

Thank you Mamapumpkin!! Wish I had known this earlier... I was definitely dehydrated. Can't tolerate even sips of water. Must've made it worse... Anyways, all better now, I'm week 15 now btw! :)

And thanks for being sympathetic. You would be the ONE person who knows this!!!!

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