Saturday, 14 November 2009

Cooling Down by the Creek

We have had scorching weather here in Melbourne over the last week or so, a little bit unusual for this time of the year. Last weekend, we took a leisurely drive to Badger Creek. It was a nice little secluded spot up in the Yarra Valley, not far from the Healesville Sanctuary. I packed a picnic lunch and huddled the boys in the car. We drove for about 40 minutes into the picturesque countryside, pointing out to cows, sheeps and horses that dotted the rural landscape along the way.

Soon, the boys are splashing in the icy cool water, fossicking for rocks, twigs, leaves, gumnuts and every other thing from the creek. Despite the hot weather, the water in the creek was numbingly cooooold!

Lachie enjoyed a warm sunny spot after a cool dip in the water. He was hesitant for a little while, but as soon as he saw his little brother jump in, clothes, diapers, sandals, gusto and all, he too charged into the water.

Lucas was a busy little bush ranger. He kept us busy too, for we were at first wary that he might slip from the slippery surface of the rocks. He peered in between the rocks, collecting little objects of interesting shapes, texture and colours and put them in a pile. He climbed up big rocks, and down again. Twice, he stuck his head beneath the water to reach for a pebble or two. He is the dare devil of the two, and yep he definitely takes after his mummy! :)

It was a nice little getaway. I enjoyed the peace and tranquility, the sound of water running down the creek and the chirps of the wildlife amidst the laughter from the boys.

Lachy asked me today, wanna go there again?
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Anonymous said...

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Charmaine said...

What a lovely spot on a hot sunny day! I heard Melb has been experiencing a heat wave. We're in for a scorcher tomorrow in Sydney.

Grace said...

Hi Charmaine!
Thanks for popping by! :) Yeah, it has been HOT the last few days. THat's funny Melbourne weather for us! Cold one minute, hot the next.

Keep cool in Sydney!


Wandernut said...

Looking good mommy!