Friday, 6 November 2009

Pregnancy Diary: Week 8. A Busy Time

(By the way, I am now Week 15! This is a pre-written post)

This week, my little magic bean is being busy. It is growing rapidly, the formation of some of the major organs are getting a little more complicated. The teeth and the palate are forming into a beautiful smile. The ears are continuing to develope and eyelids are beginning to cover the eyes. Its little webby feet and hands are shaping up and can now do a little jiggy with it.

My little magic bean is no longer an embryo, but now a foetus.

I remember my very first pregnancy with Lachlan. I was so excited. Everything was a new experience. I guard my pregnant belly fiercely. I never carried anything heavier than a box of cereal. I watch EVERYTHING I ate closely, caffeine and alcohol was a big No-No. With Lucas, my second child, I ate so much sushi and sashimi and then got terribly guilty at the final weeks, thinking I've given this child of mine Listeria. Now with my third, I don't know. Sometimes, I get so busy with the other two I forget I'm pregnant! I do eat sensibly though, but I'm not over the top with the do's and don'ts. Especially when there are so many versions of it.

Don't eat watermelon, it's too "cooling". Mangos will give your baby "bad skin". Bean curd and soft boiled egg will make baby's skin soft and smooth (When there could possibly be Listeria lurking in semi boiled egg). Caffeine slows growth of baby (Gaahh... I have massive 4kg babies anyways! A cup or two won't hurt!). Lamb might cause epilepsy in a newborn child (Have you even heard of that?????). And the best of all, do not renovate your house whilst pregnant, you'll have a baby with deformed limbs or even a miscarriage! O.o

Oh well, some of these old wive's tales are pretty harmless anyways. As long as common sense prevails!

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