Friday, 20 November 2009

Pregnancy Diary: Week 11 Being Mrs.Grumps

I'm not normally bitchy about anything, really. Not openly bitchy anyways. But lately I have been a bit of a grump. I would be nit picking on little matters, blowing it into slightly larger proportions, and sometimes I could erupt emotionally like an active volcano without any warnings. I find myself teary eyed more often than not.

One day, Lachlan caught me with tears in my eyes and asked if I'm sad. I said, no, not really. They're just "nothing tears".

Nothing tears? He then wiped them with the tip of his pointer and "popped" them. There, he said... feel better now? What do you know? Soon enough, nothing tears started pouring out.

Oh no! Mummy, your eyes are raining! I just couldn't help but burst into a fit of laughter. Nothing tears soon became funny tears.

Oh, back to the topic of bitchiness. This little incident happened a little while ago. I had to blog about it only because I had to get it off my pregnant bosoms! When and if I do look back, at least I could blame it on the hormones!

We were at a kid's party and there was a pirate's treasure hunt. In this treasure hunt, presents and loots were hidden in little bushes and plants, and kids were meant to get their elbows and knees grubby and look for their loot. Read: KID'S treasure hunt. Anyhow, it was over within 30 seconds, because a MOM stood over the loot, pointing to the treasures, well literally fished them out herself and put it in her kid's palm. Trivial? Yes. Annoying? Oh yes!

Even my 3 year old said "Not fair, she's a GROWN UP" Ah huh.

OK...see? I'm getting bitchy.

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Maria said...

Ok maybe I'd do that for Lucia for ONE toy if she hadn't found one on her own yet, just to get her going. But not for all the toys!!!

I totally agree with you Gracie! :)))

Grace said...

Hahahah... its OK Maria, all is good now. You don't have to totally agree with me, I won't get bitchy with you...promise! LOL!

Mamapumpkin said...

I hate those!