Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Lucas @ 1 year

He weighs 9.915kg (25th - 50th centile).

He is 74cm tall (25th - 50th centile).

And his head circumference measures 49cm (Off chart!).
No wonder his clothes doesn't seem to fit through his head. Brains. This one definitely came from mommy's side! Hee Hee!

He looks up in the night sky and says "staaaahh", opens and shuts his little fists. Then he looks at you for signs of approval and furiously claps his hands and waits for you to sing praises.

He is full of cheek, often flashing his toothy grin and it can seriously seriously do wonderful things to your heart!
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maggie said...

he is getting more lean now.. and why is he kissing the floor ( or not)? he is a real darling Grace! melts my heart totally!

Grace said...

Thanks Maggie! He's moving all over the place and quite a handful now. I just let him roam. Ahhh... he picks and licks up everything from the floor, he's like my vacuum cleaner! hahaha... :P