Monday, 28 June 2010

Mad Monday

As I'm typing this, I've got Lily in a sling and the boys are watching telly in their PJ's and it's way past noon! The house is in a mess, remnants of lunch still on the table and I don't care! It's school holidays and we're allowed to.

This is what USUALLY happens on a Monday in our household:

2am, 5am, 8am: Feed Lily

Morning: After Lily's feed, I get up and out of bed. Sometimes (if I'm lucky) I get changed, brush my teeth, wash my face and do my "own thing". Other times (most days), I'm not so lucky and it gets done in bits and pieces throughout the day.

Get breakfast ready for the boys, and have my morning coffee and brekky with them.

Put yesterday's dishes away from the dishwasher.

Get a load of laundry in the washing machine.

Fold and put away yesterday's laundry.

Clean Lucas' mess from breakfast, including the wall, the floor, the carpet and in between his hair.

Change the boys. Lachlan is usually able to change himself BUT only after some pleading, coaxing, bribing and SCOLDING. By this time, I would have had said "Would you like to go to the toilet?" about 15 times. Make them brush their own teeth.

Change Lucas AGAIN after he's done his poos. Nope he's not yet toilet trained.

Oops, have I forgotten Lily? Oh yes, she too needs a change, and the sheets needed changing after she had vomitted her morning feed all over the sheets and herself. And nope, she is ALSO not toilet trained! LOL! Usually she's OK if I plonk her in her play gym for half and hour or so. Other times, she might go back to sleep.

By 11am, I need to prepare lunch, in between breaking up fist fights, picking up toys from the floor and FEED, BURP, CHANGE my baby. There's a LOT of yelling, scolding, pleading and talking (Yes, I do try to talk like a normal human being). On a good day, my laundry is up and hanging to dry. Otherwise I try to get it out of the washing machine before the day is over!

12 noon: The boys and I have our lunch together. I pack a snack box for Lachlan. Change the boys again if needed. Hurry up the kids and pack them into the car, all three of them.

1pm: Lachlan goes to kinder. I take him, along with his younger brother and little sister, so you can imagine how many times I buckle and unbuckle their seat belts! By now, I smell like puke and poo, my clothes and hair in disarray and I probably look like a drowned cat. And I wonder how I'm going to face Lachlan's teachers, the other moms and their kids. (Well, some of them look a little bedazzled just like me, so I smile and wink at them just as they would to me!)

I drive around the neighbourhood, in hope that Lucas will fall asleep before I arrive home. If I'm desperate and mad, I will drag the two younger kids to the supermarket to get some shopping done.

Get home and do more house chores, feed, burp and change Lily again.

3pm: Blink of an eye, it's time to pick up Lachlan again. Again, I throw the two young ones at the back of the car. You see, kinder pick ups and drop offs are tricky because I have to take them BOTH down with me, Lily in a sling and Lucas in one hand. And after picking up Lachy, I have Lily in the sling, Lucas by the collar, Lachlan tagging behind, teachers notes under one arm with my car keys, Lachlan's school bag between my teeth!

We get home, the boys get snack: a cup of milk, a piece of cheese, crackers or biscuits. If the weather is good, the boys get chucked outside, or if I'm up to it (or mad), I take them all out to the park.

5pm: I wrestle with the chicken that is for our dinner, with Lily hanging off my boob and a grumpy Lucas around my leg, in my half comatose state.

6pm - 7pm: We have dinner.

I say to my hubby Gary, "Here you go, you can have your kids back, thank you very much". He bathes them and make their cups of milk, entertains them and put them to bed by 10pm 9pm. I plonk myself on the couch, baby on my boob, watch MasterChef, surf the net, blog if my brains still work and other things.

So you see, such is life of a mother with three kids under the age of 4. And it's only Monday. Wait till you hear what happens on Fridays! Best Blogger Tips


Charmaine said...

Had to smile as I read your post. I can just imagine you running around doing everything. Hang in there... it does get easier in a way. With one tween and one pre-schooler at home, life's a little different in my household. Have a good week.

mamapumpkin said...

I can't wait. And I'm so glad to hear that somebody else goes through this familiar craziness called Mommyhood, and I don't even have that many kids! I'm perpetually exhausted!

linda yee said...

Wow..after reading ur blog..i am sooo afraid to have another kid already..perhaps i'll just stay with 1 which is already driving me up the wall every single day !!

maggie said...

i love this post. it is so genuine so realistic.. i love the way you write Grace. Keep up the good work with the kiddos

Anonymous said...

All in a days work! I think it's a fine achievement, keep up the great parenting :)