Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Lily @ 8 Weeks

Blink of an eye, Lily is 8 weeks old.

Mom and Dad has come and gone. Now we're on our own, our family of five.

Most days go by in a hazy blur. I have not just one, not two, but three children under the one roof, under the age of four. 3 children who are not yet independent of their own needs, who are still needy of love, attention and guidance. And there is so much to do around the house!

People ask me how I get things done with three latching onto my limbs. How do I manage?

Honestly, I just get on with it. Things may not be the same as it used to be, but we survive. I survive. Juggling, trying to get organized, adapting and just getting by with the basic necessities. Keeping things simple and not sweating the small stuff. I learn to ignore the mess on the table, and I learn to quickly kick the toys under the couch every time the door bell rings. And most important of all, I have a hard-working, helpful, understanding and loving husband who helps around with the house chores. He knows that my brain is fried after 6pm, and from then on till bed time for the boys, he will be the one who bathes, entertains and reads to them. It's all pretty hard work, but we learn to be supportive of each other's needs and we cope. And it's all worth it.

(More on our daily activities later, now back to Lily @ 8 weeks!)

I don't know how much she weighs, or how long she is. But I know she is putting on stacks. Her cheeks are getting chubbier, and her neck is getting lost under rolls and rolls of skin. And I feel it in my arms.

Her feeding and sleeping pattern is still unpredictable. She is exclusively breastfed, 3-4 hourly. But she has been demanding up to every 2 hours in the last couple of days. It must be one of those "growth spurt" phases that she's going through. She's still feeding every 3 hours at night, so yes, my own sleep cycle is very very stuffed. But I don't mind it, not at all. Sometimes she surprises me with a long 6 hour stretch, and my own body wakes me up at the 3 hourly mark, wondering what I should do.

She loves it when you talk to her, and responds with smiles that will melt your heart and sometimes an "ahh gooo" and will certainly make your day! The boys adore her, and showers her with little smooches and I bet her first words would be "get off me!" Best Blogger Tips


maggie said...

i want to smooch her everyday too!! look at those legandary chubby cheeks..:)) she reminds me so much of Lucas..they are all beautiful and you keep up your positive attitude..:)

Mamapumpkin said...

Babies are Gggggggrrrreeaaaattt!!! Aren't they? Stuff the housework. You only have 5 years to really indulge in them, then they're gone...

Grace said...

Hi Mags! You're most welcomed to come smooch her everyday, or even better, make another one of your own!! hehehe... ;)

Mamapumpkin: You're right mama, blink of an eye those precious moments are gone... housework, who needs them?

Anonymous said...

Wow! 8 weeks! And she's so cute & chubby! I wanna cuddle her! =) U r an amazing momma...