Saturday, 26 June 2010

Love shoes?

What are little girls good for?

Clockwise from front:

Pink Leather Mary Janes by Fred Bare, thrifted at kid's market $4 (WOW!)
Cream Mary Janes with satin roses by Lovely Teddies, gift from a special aunt.
Pink and purple leather sneakers by Bibi Kids, thrifted at kid's market $5 (Can't believe my luck!!)
White and pink leather Nike sneakers, thrifted at kid's market $4 (OMG! I love kid's market)
Pink Ballerina slippers with ribbons by Red Robin, a gift from a dear friend. Best Blogger Tips


maggie said...

Starting young? following mommy's footsteps..:)

goodenuff said...

hahaa.... little girls are so cute huh? so good to dress up. =) wish we had kids markets here! cant believe u got all those pretty little shoes for such a steal!