Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Food They Love

I used to write Lachie's favourite food in little post-it notes and stick them in the first page of a recipe book. This book is where I got most of my inspirations from: the Australian Women's Weekly Fresh Food for Babies and Toddlers.

It's a great reference book for meal ideas from tips for starting solids and what food to introduce first and when, to home-made family meals from fresh ingredients. I don't usually follow the recipes religiously, substituting this for that. It also has a section at the end for party food ideas and kid's birthday cakes. Good book, and for A$12.95 it's a steal.

Here's a list of what Lachie liked (for my own record and yours!)

  • Pasta
  • Pasta
  • Pasta
  • Pasta
  • Noodles
  • Rice
  • All of the above with NOTHING else, just PLAIN
  • Carbs... alright, you get the drift

Now that Lucas is starting to explore with food and eating a variety of protein, grains, fruits and vegetables, I am revisiting these meal ideas. I have always kept things simple, using just two or three ingredients at any one time, and when they're older I introduce a little more each time. It musn't take too long to prepare, a busy mom I am. 15 minutes tops.

Lucas loved his mush. Lachie hated them. Lucas could eat avocados 6 days in a row. Lachie wouldn't have a bar of it. Lucas loved pea mash. Lachie wouldn't let me mash anything. He likes to hold his food, WHOLE and even up till today, he still eats with his fingers.

Lucas pretty much eats everything and he's always happy with food. The other day, I made cheesy macaroni with tuna and chives and it knocked his socks off! He was as happy as Larry, kicking up his legs and giving me giggles with each bite! He also polished off the entire serving.

Quite easy really. Cook in boiling water, 1 tablespoon of small pasta shapes. I use HEINZ for baby alphabets and numbers. Drain. Add in 90g of tuna with 1 teaspoon of reserved olive oil from tuna. Stir in some grated cheese, chopped chives and 1/4 cup milk. Cook until heated through. OK, maybe quadruple the quantity to make it for the entire family.

My trusted mini slow cooker: Chicken and rice with vegetables. Best Blogger Tips

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maggie said...

Great ideas.. and everything looks so pretty!
Joel loves pasta too! but oppostie from Lachy, he hates carbs and only takes meat.. so unhealthy.. he won;t touch green veges as well.. and which reminds me, i need to start Jovan on solids real soon.. i am just sooooo lazy.. i think i will just got those baby food off the shelves.. hehe