Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Toilet Training

"Lachie do you want to do wee wee?"

I must have said this about two hundred times a day. I am sick of hearing myself say it!

The hype here is to WAIT for the right moment to toilet train.

Now must be the right moment, is it not? Lachie will turn 3 end of April. And he will be starting pre-kinder when he turns three. However, he seems disinterested and would rather do it in nappies! He definitely knows it when he does a poo because he would run to a private corner and would NOT surface until he gets detected AND defected to the change room!

I just NEED to get the ball rolling (no matter how daunting it may seem) because 1. I'm sick of changing a million and one nappies a day. 2. Our bin is ALWAYS overflowing and half of its content guessed it! and I can't imagine what we're doing to the landfill. 3. I just have to.

So last week, we went to Target and bought him a pack of 10 "big boys undies" and gosh he was thrilled about them. They have pictures of airplanes all over and he couldn't stop showing off his undies.

So far so good. We still have accidents. Well, at least once or twice a day, which may seem like not much but you see, we have carpet in our lounge room and bedroom. So maybe I'm too highly strung about it. I should take one step back and NOT ask him every 5 minutes.

He is doing pretty well wee-ing in the toilet like a big boy. He steps up on his Ikea stool, aims perfectly and even do a little jiggle when he finishes! When he does it, I sing praises like a mad woman!

I don't know how much longer it will take, but I can definitely see the end.

"Mommy, I can't do poo-poo in the toilet becaaaaause (he likes to accentuate the caaaause part), my bum-bum gets wet and Nemo gets flushed down the toilet". Right. He saw Nemo getting flushed down the toilet.
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maggie said...

i am also wishing for that day Joel will stop wearing diapers!!.. i know exactly how you feel. Each time i ask Joel " wanna go toilet shee-shee?", i only wish one day he will just say 'yes' and actually do it right.. haha

Leonny said...

hehehe .. i love that toilet bike!

So far I can say Vai is toilet trained, ie. he can either hold it and not pee in his pants when we're out and about, or pee a teeny little bit, tell me he wants to pee, and we'd quickly rush together.

(btw, I do still ask him whether he wants to pee too! especially if we're out and about and we're walking past a toilet)

He still needs his nappies when he takes his afternoon naps though.

The thing is, when it comes to the bigger business, he somehow just does NOT want to tell me. He'd wait until he wears his diapers, eg. before he goes for his afternoon nap or at night, and he'd poo in his nappies! Always!

I used to be very very annoyed by the fact that he doesn't tell me when he needs to poo. I verbally scolded him and raised my voice. I think it was because of this reaction that whenever he'd poo, he'd avoid me and REFUSE to go to the toilet saying (and crying) 'I don't want to pooooooo......'

And so after a while (since there's no improvement anyway), I choose to be more relaxed. He still does it in his nappies until today (sigh), but at least now after I find out (from the obvious smell in the room!), he's look at me (with a guilty look),and I'd say "Let's go to the toilet", and he's willing to lead the way.

Oh well ... One day. One day.

And good luck with training Lachie ...

Grace Lee said...

Hmm times like this I'm glad I have a little girl where I just sat her ON a potty until she pees or poops. Have you tried working our a routine for lachie? I found that when Arielle was around 2, she pooped in the morning (huGE ones) and then just started her peeing routine every 2 hours. Just sitting her in the toilet... Whistle... and she peed. LOL... because she was 2 I guess she didn't have much of say in being in the toilet. I just put her there - no arguements. 3 yr olds have their own little minds (and 4, 5, 6....29 yr olds...).

Maybe try that? I had an egg timer almost that whenever it rang, it was toilet time... and then stretch it out from the 2hrs. Also depend the length of time on his liquid intake.

OH... I really couldn't put up with changing poopey nappies. Much rather wash the potty full of poop rather than to clean up a bum filled poop. :) Bleh! Crap... which is one thing I am SO not looking forward to with this #2.

Sigh... well GOOD LUCK!

Grace said...

Thanks for your comments ladies!

Mags: Hah, you and me both will have many many more years of changing diapers! #3 still coming right?? he he hee :)

Leo: Exactly! Lach does the same thing with his poo poo. I know it when he suddenly becomes quiet as a mouse, or disappear out of action. Then I'll have to smell my way to him. He even tells me he wants to poo poo in his pants. Sigghhh.... one day!

Grace: Looks like you'll be in diaper heaven soon too! hhaha... start stocking them up yet??? Will you be surprising us on the sex of your baby?