Thursday, 5 February 2009


I don't believe addiction starts this early in life, but it is happening right here right now. This is the first thing he asks for in the morning, when he wakes up. Where's the DS?

We get into many MANY arguments because of this and here I thought it would only happen in the pre-teen years, like 10 years from now!

Although I could sometimes use it to my advantage, a form of bribery for when I needed him to do something in exchange for 10 minutes of DS. Or if you don't go to the bathroom and get changed right now, there will be NO DS for you for the rest of today! And he would gladly obey.

But somehow, it just doesn't feel right. My mummy radar tells me that my baby boy can't be playing DS! He is way too young, there will be consequences. He will be wearing glasses as thick as my thighs. Or he will soon start fighting ninjas with swords or killing aliens with guns. I.don'

But anyways, to my amazement, this 2.8 year old boy could play Mario Kart although consistently coming in last place and he knows every single character name. His favourite is Princess Daisy. Funny little boy, he likes girls, even in Mario Kart. He knows which button to press to accelerate but is still a little uncoordinated with the cursors. He even knows how to use the stylus for goodness sake!

Sigh, what do I do with him? He's growing up too quickly!

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maggie said...

join the club.. Joel is constantly asking for game all the time.. he already spoilt the PSP and hubs ain't too please with that.. i think boys will be boys..:)

Grace said...

AHahah... Mags, my hubby lets him play with his phone on PURPOSE hoping he will break it, so he can get a new one!!! Boys and their toys... like daddy like son huh? :P