Sunday, 22 February 2009

Steakhouse at NewQuay, Docklands

I took my husband out for dinner on our 5th Wedding Anniversary, 'cept he drove us there and paid for dinner.

I chose the restaurant, Steakhouse at NewQuay, Docklands. They're famous for their top quality Australian Beef. These are their selection of steaks:

Arabica Dusted Yearling Grade Beef:
• Rib Eye 350g: $30 • Eye Fillet 220g: $32 • Porterhouse 280g: $26 • T- Bone 500g: $32
M.S.A Prime Beef:
• Porterhouse 280g: $34 • Rib Eye 350g: $38 • Scotch Fillet 300g: $35
Certified Australian Angus Beef:
• Porterhouse 280g: $42 • Rump 350g: $34 • Boneless Prime Rib 300g: $39
Black Angus:
• Eye Fillet 350g: $66 • New York Strip Loin 450g: $58
• Porterhouse 300g: $95.00

We had some oysters to start. From left: Kilpatrick, Peri-Peri and Bloody Mary, three of each. My personal favourite was the baked oysters in spicy peri-peri. The sauce so spicy and tangy, and the oysters still tender and plump. Gary liked the Kilpatrick. Guess who had the last Bloody Mary? It was ME! I looooove oysters!

It had an open kitchen, the steaks are flame grilled right before our eyes. Wide screen TV's lined the wood panelled walls, feasting our eyes with live-time TV of our steaks being licked by the flames while we waited. Hungry.

I had the prime rib with field mushroom sauce, and hubby chose the M.S.A. rib eye with a spicy pepper sauce. The steaks were flavoursome, a tad too salty. Gary's steak was done to perfection (medium), mine was a little overdone. I thought it was more medium well than medium. Overall, I still enjoyed them. Pity though, what a waste of good steak!

All their steaks are served on a potato gratin. Delicious!

And we ordered a side of broccoli with crumbled feta (which tasted and LOOKED more like parmesan!) O.o

What I find though is that there are a lot of hidden extra costs. Like a weekend surcharge of 10%, sauces to go with your steaks are $5.50 more, vegetables $7.70 and even water cost $6! The bill came up to $150 for two and we didn't even order anything extravagant. Thank goodness for the entertainment card, we had one of our mains for free.
The waterview, priceless. But wait, maybe that was also an added extra. Must go and check the receipt.
We had a lovely time though.
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maggie said...

nothing bout the kids? ahah.. must be nice to have dinner just two of you... well, glad u both had fun and lots of nice food..

Grace said...

Thanks Maggie! You and Benny are most welcomed to park your kids here while you two go paktoh... highly recommended!!

Rebecca said...

You must try Squires loft next time, much the same thing, maybe tad cheaper. Awesome food