Monday, 13 February 2012

Celebrations of Life

The week whizzed by. Kids started school. And just when we thought we are walking into normality, this little fella, a cute, squishy, cuddly bundle of joy sprang on us a couple of weeks earlier than expected. I wish I could claim him as mine (in actual fact I did on facebook, and it was amazing how many people fell for it! Baby number 4?? Gasp!) No, I am nearly insane with 3, but not quite crazy enough for number 4!

My brother and sister in law who has come to live with us had this beautiful baby boy. And it is with so much pleasure to have them stay with us......

But if only we are finished with our home renovations.

So welcome on board, baby A. He will be a regular on this blog from now on. :)

So in the midst of new baby, lunch boxes, two year old tantrums, bathroom and laundry renovations (I don't have washing to do! Yay! But we are nearly running out of underwear...) and 7 people lining up to use one bathroom and toilet, I created this...

Flourless orange and almond cake and dark chocolate ganache.

Very vanilla buttery cupcakes with violet chantilly cream.

It was for a very special lady in our lives...*we love you*
Happy Birthday!

And this is my very own baby, I still pinch myself everyday wondering how on earth I created this cupcake! I must have been real lucky.


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