Friday, 5 February 2010

A New Term

First day back at kinder today, and I forgot to stick my SD card back into my camera after blogging the night before.

So Lachy puts on his favourite Ben 10 T-Shirt (for 5 days in a row now!) and piggy-backs his new Ben 10 backpack. He brushed his teeth twice as long in the morning, and I made sure there were no vegemite left on his face.

What's different this year? I had to pack not one, but 2 bags, 2 snack boxes, 2 water bottles, 2 hats, 2 everything. Lucas got dropped off at grandma's this morning for babysitting duties, only because they stayed over at Gary's brother's place. (Grandma/pa lives in Geelong and comes for a visit once a week). Lucas insisted he MUST have his bag packed too. He got Lachie's hand-me-down spiderman bag, spiderman T-Shirt and spiderman (not-so) cuddly.

So 2 superheros set off for their adventure this morning. There were no tears, only excited chatter and happy smiles. Best Blogger Tips

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maggie said...

and a nice break for mommy, right?
Joel is into ben10 as well..:)
As a reply to your comment on swimming, we go there evert sat (try to) but this sat is out cause the popo and yeeyee are here, but then, weekend is jam packed k!! i think that's why both of them down with cold/sore throat.. sigh.. but how, that is the only time we can take them.. :((