Monday, 21 September 2009

A Wedding at Park Hyatt

It was a lovely day, a little overcast with bursts of sunshine, a perfect setting for a garden wedding at the Park Hyatt, Melbourne. E & C tied the knot.

Now, E & C, the two little cute teddy bears that they are, are not exactly completely edible sugar cake toppings (which by the way, are the most amazing work of art by a friend, whose creations are at par with professionals!) They're endearing family members, C is big brother to my sister-in-law who is married to Gary's younger brother.

Their marriage was solemnized in a simple yet elegant garden ceremony, a wedding any girl would dream of. I was truly happy for the cute little couple.

A snapshot of Gary & I, in the gardens just after the ceremony. It was a little chilly, I had my jacket on.

This is one of my favourite, a picture of me and my both sets of parents.


Confit of Duck Leg
with spring rolls, caramelised apple, baby herbs and sweet corn shot

Main Course:

Roasted Top Sirloin Au Poivre
with wild mushroom and wilted spinach

Served alternately with

Grilled Barramundi
with mussel and pepper caponata and preserved lemon couscous


Chocolate Manjari Dome, almond brittle and gold leaf

L-R: Gary, Grace, Guaran, Chai, MIL, FIL, Dad, Mom.
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laura said...

how is it that you guys manage to have a picture of literally all the women behind the men they love! =)

Grace said...

We posy posy! ;) But we do have one where the ladies are all in front, but I like this one better! :)