Saturday, 12 September 2009

Just Me & My Lucas

My parents are here for holidays. They're staying with my brother's family just in the next suburb. One day last week, Lachie wanted to spend some time with them, a house we now call our second home. I happily obliged. Lucas and I went home and did our own things.

Lucas had a nap and I slept too, next to his cot. We slept holding hands. Then we woke up and snuggled on the couch and watched TV. Lucas with his head nuzzled against my breast, I tickled his tummy. We read books. We scribbled on his doodle pad. We stacked blocks and played games. Aahhh... it was a great feeling. I missed spending time with my second born child, just one on one. Just me and my Lucas.
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Lins said...

Aiyoh so sayang him!!!

maggie said...

such a sweet face! glad you enjoyed the one to one bonding with him..

Wandernut said...

he's such a cutie pie! gerammmm! wanna squeeeeze him!