Thursday, 24 September 2009

Footy Wars

We love our neighbours, we really do. But this week, we are at war!

You see, we are passionate about our footy and being married to a full-fledged CAT supporter is like being married to the Geelong Football Club. We've all been brainwashed. 1.5 year old included.

Our neighbours support the Saints. And coming this Saturday, we'll be playing at the Grand Finals.

Hence, we've declared war.

So we have red, black and white streamers on our garden fence compliments of our dear neighbours, and they have a blue and while flag that says "GO CATS" flapping at their front gate.

And oh, bet you didn't see that little sticker at the back of your car, neighbour! :)

Good Luck. You will need lots of it this weekend. :)

GO CATS!!!!!!

*Photo from the Geelong Best Blogger Tips

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