Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Hens Night: Princess & Providore

Last weekend, I was invited for a Hen's Night hosted by a good friend of mine LY and Princess & Providore. The Princess and the Providore is a business partnership specializing in regional Italian culinary classes, olive and hazelnut oils.

This is by far one of the most unique Hen's I've attended, a tasteful and "refined" affair. Not that I was expecting a male stripper or anything revolving around a pole. No really. But olive oil tasting, learning all about taste, cooking with olive oils is really my thing. The closest thing we got to naughty was when the bride to be quizzed us in Italian, what an "Italian Kiss" was, which I shall not write about any further.

The itinery for the night:

Tasting the difference between a good olive oil and everything else not, was a real eye opener. I don't think it will ever be the same again. Really, I didn't know the olive oil I was using on my salad was rancid! The balance of taste and aroma, the fruitiness and piquancy all play an important role.

One last thing worth a mention, the Blood Orange and caramel pie, served with a dollop of chocolate ice cream. Oohh, it was near orgasmic (but only second best to an Italian Kiss!). OK, I was just being a little naughty, it was a Hen's afterall!

*LY and I met at Box Hill Hospital Emergency department. We were both working there as ED residents. We introduced ourselves to each other and having found out that we were both originally Malaysians, we chatted away like long lost friends. And we haven't stopped!

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Big Pumpkin said...

Sounds like a truly divine hen's evening, one I would have loved to have been part of. what a unique idea, far from trashy! so do share with me, how do I know if MY olive oil is rancid?!?

Grace said...

Hi Mamapumpkin!

It was actually a lovely night, I truly enjoyed. And a night away from the boys... ahh, always refreshing! LOL!

It's hard to explain how rancid olive oil smells like, it's almost like a strong, musty/acidic smell, almost like fermentation! Come to think of it now...yuck! But before the class, I thought it was really good, first pressed olive oil... that's why it smelt so.... "strong"? Hahahah... Oh well, we learn something everyday! Now I'm using it to polish shoes!

Good luck!

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