Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Spending the day with Grandpa

Today, Lachlan spent the day with his Yeh-Yeh. He packed his gardening tools, pulled a beanie over his head and slipped on his gumboots. He was planning on doing some gardening with his Grandpa.


Later, Grandma told me Lachie plonked himself in front of the telly and wanted to eat breakfast cereal all day. When they asked him to do some gardening, he sighed "It's too much hard work!"

And when they laughed, he said "That's not funny!" which made them laugh even more.

What a bum he is! Best Blogger Tips


maggie said...

aww.. Grace, he is so cute.. can't believe he made the effort to get everything ready but then sat in the telly instead.. hehe

Grace said...

Ohh... I sorta knew he would!! He's such a BUM (like his daddy!) Heh heeh!