Thursday, 11 June 2009

Paper Bandit

Someone's been stealing our morning newspaper. And we know who.

Our lovely neighbour across the road spied someone taking our newspaper from the front porch, and then made a dash for it. She knows this person, often seeing him waiting around the corner for a lift to work. This evening, she saw him again and played detective. On the pretense of walking her dog, she followed him all the way home! Now we know where he lives!

What do we do? I mean it's no big deal, only newspaper. But hey, how many mornings have I woken up to, drinking my coffee with NO newspaper, no headlines, no gossips. Sometimes, they're my only connection to the real world. Hello?

Paper prowlers do not prosper.

Oh, and guess who fell asleep at the dinner table tonight? Hahaa....

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Maria said...

How rude! Nothing beats reading the paper at breakfast every morning. But it is a big deal because you pay for the subscription! Maybe you could put an anonymous note in the paper bandit's mailbox saying something like 'Please stop taking our newspaper. If you continue to do so, I have no choice but to redirect the bill from the newsagency to your address.' It is theft after all since the item is in your property. Oh and he's trespassing as well!

Or you could just wait for him to come back so you can catch him in the act :). That would be even better!

Grace said...

OH tell me bout it Maria! It's so annoying! We are definitely plotting a little something, not going to let him get away with it! hahaha... it'll have to be hilarious though (so I can blog about it later, teeehee!) Watch OUT you paper bandits out there!!!! Grumpphhh!