Thursday, 4 June 2009

DIY: Cool T-Shirts!

Here's an easy crafty idea for you and your three year old, if you've got one.

Last year, we were given some plain T-Shirts for Christmas, and they've been sitting at the bottom of the drawer for a little while now. It was one of those days where Mommy's creative juices wouldn't stop flowing and was really pumped to do art. And so that's when I had to rummage through all the junk we have in our garage to look for whatever leftover fabric paint from a Playgroup project last year.

It is water-based, permanent fabric paint. It fixes permanently onto fabric when it is heat set (with an iron). It’s really good stuff! I picked it up from Art Mart for like less than $5.

We painted one little hand with yellow paint, and one bigger (mommy's) hand, and then transferred our hand prints onto the T-shirt. When the paint is dry (a couple of hours), set it down with an iron on medium setting. I'd put a plain white paper or a cloth over it so the paint wouldn't come off onto the iron.

It's very very personalised and very very cool, and I'm sure when it is dry and heat set, it will return to it's original place at the bottom of the drawer. I'm not sure if wearing mommy's hand print is so so cool after all?! Or is it?

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