Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Can you believe, this cot belonged to daddy?

Gary's mom kept it for over 30 years. Still in imaculate condition, even after being passed on from one child to another and then kept in the shed for a long, long time.

And now daddy's little princess will sleep...

And look! It's even got little counting beads on the side. How cute! Best Blogger Tips


Maria said...

So you're keeping it? I think it's pretty neat :). Maybe this is the solution to your sleeping issues lol!

maggie said...

awwwwww... how come princess gets to sleep and not the 2 princes?

Wandernut said...

It's beautiful, Grace!

Grace said...

Maria: Yeap, the lady didn't call/reply. So I gave her till last Wednesday. It's going upstairs to grandma's room. :D

Mags: We had 2 other cots too. My house is like a furniture store! And this other cot was sitting pretty at my inlaws' house for a while... maybe she was hoping for a little.... sleepover?? Geez... should've just left it there.

Nutty: Yeah... I'm in love with it now. Can't believe I almost sold it on eBay!

goodenuff said...

wow... amazing. it's really pretty... i wld say it's fit for a princess. =)