Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Adventures of DonkeyDocs

With only 2 weeks to go before my date with the obstetrics and surgical team, I have been nesting. Cooking and cleaning are my priorities. The baby laundry are all done, neatly folded and colour coordinated in the chest of drawers. My days blurring into one, huge daze. I spend way too much time on the couch, surfing the net, shopping, reading, watching telly with the boys and basically just ordering them about.

But anyways, this post is not about hormones or me. I would just like to share with you, one of my favourite blogs of all time and point you over to DonkeyDocs. Daddy DonkeyDocs is a budding surgeon, his job is so admirable and honourable. His recent Halilulik Adventures so great and mighty, and yet downright humbling. I feel so proud to be a friend, it's like I'm telling everyone, see that guy in the photo over there? Yeaahh.... he's a mate. ;)

I went to uni with his wife, whose job equally as admirable, being a fantastic mum to one handsome little fella, as well as juggling fulltime work as a doctor in infectious diseases.

So guys, hop over to DonkeyDocs this week. I hope you will enjoy his adventures as much as I have.

Halilulik Adventures Part 1

Halilulik Adventures Part 2

Halillulik Adventures Part 3

Halilulik Adventures Part 4

Halilulik Adventures Part 5

Halilulik Adventures Part 6

Halilulik Adventures Part 7

And his adventures continue here... Best Blogger Tips

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