Tuesday, 13 April 2010

April (And May) Babies

It's that time of the year again!

Birthday parties, cupcakes, more parties and more cakes! We have birthdays coming up back to back, and a very pregnant mother in her final nesting mode. She is making sure the presents are all wrapped and ready, the cornices and skirting boards are free of dust and cobwebs, her hospital bags all packed and she's ready to pop! She looks forward to all the birthday parties with glee, so she can kick her boys out and have the house all to herself.

So how about my Ben 10 Alien party mom? Says her almost 4 year old son. And he decided that this year, she will make him an Omnitrix birthday cake that could transform into 10 various alien forms. And he could invite all his kinder friends over for a party with green jelly, green spaghetti and green drinks. It would be aweeesommee says he, and baby could come too. Yep, his week old baby who undoubtedly will also be exploiting her services and be hanging off her boobies just like tassles! Wonderful.

And how about the second born child, who will soon turn 2, going about his usual business, oblivious to the hoo-haas of birthdays and parties (Because no one has told him so)? Should she just turn a blind eye and pretend oh it's really nothing, re-light the candles of the Omnitrix cake just minus two and sing him a birthday song. What cruelty would that be?

Oh bother.... two Panadols and I'm off to bed! Best Blogger Tips


maggie said...

haha Grace! you have a great sense of humour! your blog always put a smile on my face..:) again.. salute to the wonder mommy!

Wandernut said...


all the best gracie!

lots of love to you and the boys and the princess inside!