Monday, 7 December 2009

Lego Creations

This year, we got our christmas presents early. Not too many (thank god!), we weren't going to celebrate. But you can trust a few of our worthy family to pull up stunts like giving the boys more toys a few weeks before christmas.

One that stands out, Lachy's absolute favourite, one that he hasn't parted with since, was his brand new Lego set. For hours to end, he sits next to his box of Lego, creating. Houses, cars, trucks, space ships, rocket ships, speed boat, light house, even machine guns (gaaahh, how does he know guns?) and swords! He takes them all to bed, and guess what? We'll be taking them on a holiday with us too.

Thank you also for the noisy drum sticks (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!), that one is staying behind though. Swim suits. T-shirts. Bags. Die cast James and Jack. Thomas bed clock. We love you!
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