Friday, 4 December 2009

Count Down

We are going on a summer holiday! No, not that song. But I did have that song by Cliff Richards humming in my head the whole morning! And I even know the lyrics to the entire song. Just shows how much of a karaoke queen I was in that era. Anyways, I digress.

Yep, we are going away this year. And I don't know why I am glad to do nothing christmassy this year. No christmas tree up. No scurrying in shopping centres, finding last minute gifts. No cooking and baking frenzy.

My head is buzzing. With only 4 more sleeps to go, there are tons to do! It has been a big big week, with swimming catch up lessons, doctor's appointments, gym membership to suspend, the usual household chores plus more, a few bits of loose ends to tie up. Gaahhh....

So yeah, this year we're heading to Malaysia. There is a special event in the family coming up, a BIG event. It's going to be HUGE! And we are super excited. The whole family (almost!) will be reunited, cousins, uncles, aunties from all over the world. (We have a great big family with 7 uncles and 2 aunts from dad's side and 8 aunts and 4 uncles from mom's, not to mention their own family). We are looking forward to it.

Everybody has a summer holiday
Doing things they always wanted to.
So we're going on a summer holiday
To make our dreams come true
For me and you.

Hmmmmmm, hmmmmmmm...
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KaDusMama said...

my christmas tree is not up yet..:D Doing nothing for christmas too as i'm going back to my hometown..
How are you anyway?

Grace said...

Hi KaDusMama!

I've been good! We'll be going back to KL for Christmas/Newyears. How are you??? You must've been busy with your work/exams/plus being mummy. Super Mama lah you! Anyways, hopping over to your blog now to read your latest entry! :)


hoechew said...

have a good flight back home! catch up soon k!