Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Starting Lily on Solids

Some time last week, I was eating an apple.

And I found Lily gazing at me, longingly. Watching my every bite. So intently. Not blinking. Dribbling. So I offered her a little lick of my apple. She sucked on a bit of apple, smacking her lips, making squeaky noises. Just as she would with her fists. I didn't make anything out of it, until...

I finished the apple. And she gave out this huge wail and started crying real tears! What a drama queen.

Alright. So my iddy bitty baby is ready for a little more than just breast milk.

When Lily turned 5 months a couple of weeks ago, I've been asked a few times. Have I started her on solids? Solids? Hah, the word solids just reminded me of shiny, sinewy, hard-muscled men in spandex. Quick mummy Grace, snap out of your day dreaming. Uhmm, yeah, solids. I'm a little busy this week. Maybe next week, when I get the chance to pick up a packet of rice cereal from the supermarket!

From as far as I could remember, the two boys are real natural when it comes to eating. They're guzzlers, just with whatever food that you present in a spoon for them, all except rice cereal. (And up until they figure out what the colour green is). So I started Lily with the recommended blah blah, a bit of rice cereal in breast milk. She took a little spoonful, swirl it in her mouth, made a funny little grimace and spat it right back out. Suffice to say, she is not at all impressed with it.

Lachlan asked what's that mom? And I said why son, it's glue. You know, the stuff you make craft with...

Why don't you feed her noo-noo (noodles), I'm sure she will like that better!

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