Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Mr. Chatz

My 4 year old Lachlan, is a chatterbox.

At Play...

"Mum Mum, look over here. I made this tower (from Lego), and in the tower there's a princess, not Princess Fiona, but just another princess with long yellow (blonde) hair. And outside, there's a dragon. The dragon spits fire like this... bleh bleh bleh. It's awesome isn't it? And a black horse will come and rescue the princess so he can kiss her, and then she turns into Princess Fiona"

Huh? Is that how the story goes??

At Kinder...

"Hi Leanne (teacher)! How's it going? Did you enjoy your weekend? Yeah, me too. It was lovely weather isn't it? What did you get up to? I was in the garage, just helping dad out. His car needed a big clean up. And there's all sorts of tools for fixing cars. You should come over to our house some time."

Yeah, mate!

At Swimming Class...

"I can't blow bubbles with my nose. I have a cold. All the green stuff will come out. See? You know, last week my brother caught a cold, and he had green stuff in his nose too. He passed it on to me."

(You're not meant to say that Lachlan, just shut up and swim)

When I was mad one day...

Me: "Lachlan, you are really testing my patience!"

Lachlan: "Mum, you don't have any patients. You're not a doctor anymore, remember?"

I didn't get it straightaway. I thought, yep I have definitely lost all of my patience, vamooshed, along with my sanity! A 4 year old telling me I have NO PATIENCE! What a wake up call!

(And yep, surely I have lost all of my patients!) Best Blogger Tips

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Anonymous said...

oh too funny! did he really say all dat? a real test on mummy's patience! =p