Sunday, 22 August 2010

Hello Dolly

The pixies are busy at work again the past few nights, and I can finally reveal to you, my latest stuffing (and for once, it's not food!). Hmmm... what shall we name her?

I sourced for inspiration online, and armed with a brand new sewing machine and not much sewing experience at all, I drew a design, just free hand. Then I dragged all three kids to Spotlight and picked up a few pieces of fabric and knick-knacks. I was bursting with excitement. I couldn't wait for the kids to be tucked into bed that night.

And I surprise myself. And of course I had dark circles under my eyes for a few days after that.

There my darling Lily, a little friend to keep you company.

And oh, she has a mohawk too!

Oh wait, she has real make up on.

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Dee said...

Are you sure that's your first attempt at sewing? The doll is incredibly cute! ^_^

Grace said...

Hi Dee,

Thanks for popping by. It's not my first attempt. I started with the sock monkeys after many many years (the first and last time was when I did home science in high school... like SO MANY years ago!)

And there are actually a lot of faults on the doll. A loose string here and there. The camera did a good job hiding it. :) But I'm getting better....


Leonny said...

O MY!!!

It's sooooo cute!! very very nice! (regardless of how the camera 'hides' it! :)

Keep at it! Well done mommy! :D