Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Dinner at David's

It came as a surprise when a mysterious package arrived at my door step. A series of photographs, of oriental bowls, vintage styled but chic and one of my favourite things... food. It was an invitation to dinner! I was humbled, and deeply honoured to be one of the 20 bloggers invited to the re-launch of David's Restaurant in Prahran. Me? *Happy Dance*

One thing is for sure. I don't say NO to food. Especially since it's for free! And judging from my quick online search, wow, what a swanky newly refurbished restaurant, and the result did not disappoint! Clean lines, very retro chic, yet warm and inviting. There was a table of family with young kids as we walked in, ooooh nice, I could bring mine here were my first thoughts. Crisp white wood panelling on walls and ceiling, the decor was very vintage, very chic, very nice. Slightly informal, and yet classy.

I met Grace Lee, social media specialist of David's Restaurant Prahran and Oriental Tea House. What a pleasure! She is a beautiful person, so charismatic and confident. I had a little tinge of jealousy, mumma jealousy. She has 2 gorgeous girls about the age of mine, and she runs these restaurants??

So anyways, here's a little spiel on David's. It was opened by Shanghai born, tea-importer David Zhou about the end of last century in a split-level warehouse on Chapel Street. Memories of his childhood in the busy streets of Shanghai, and the Chinese countryside are inspiration behind his two eateries. His philosophy on the table, spoken in his own words were "simplicity", "wholesome and unfussy food, reflecting real country Shanghai". Recipes are passed down from great-grandmothers.

David's has received 10 Chef's Hats from The Age Good Food Guide in the last 15 years.

So from the moment we walked in, and seated at our table, we were treated with a lavish spread of Country Shanghai cuisine. There were only the 2 of us on the table initially, I brought along a very good friend of mine. It was her birthday that weekend (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!). I whispered to her, are we supposed to eat all these by ourselves? And it was only for starters? Thankfully, another 2 joined us a little later. David himself came and chat for a little while. He's such a down to earth, and friendly guy.

I felt so small, with my little Lumix. And the other shutterbugs were big, chunky dSLR's! *gasp* But anyways, we managed a few shots... (But not of all the food, trust me, I went to EAT!)

For entre we had...

Drunk chick: soft, boneless chicken marinated in chinese wine with green soy beans

Green & Red: Green soy beans, boy choy and chilli

Spicy Beef with white radish and cucumber. Mmmm this was delicious! My favourite dish of the night. I love the spicy, sour, salty and sweet, tender pieces of gravy beef and big delicious chunks of ginger, radish and cucumber.

Shredded duck and veggie wrap

Spiced oolong tea quail eggs with bean curd & wolf berries. We got some fresh quail eggs, tea leaves and a recipe to bring home! I was very eager to try. But Lucas saw the quail eggs and decided he wanted to eat them. And he did, all of them! Softly poached in chicken broth.

Pan fried spring onion pancake.

(I'm sure we had more than this, it was such a generous spread)

And for mains, we had

Soft shell river prawns. Mmm delicious! You eat everything, including the shells, head and tail.

Grandma's 8: A traditional Shanghai medley of scallop, shrimp, pork, chicken, chestnuts, cashew, bamboo and shitake.

Sticky pork belly and chat potatoes.

Tofu & Field of Mushroom

Peasant's crab: This was such a lovely dish. sliced scallop, small pieces of fish camouflaged inside a feather-light egg-white scramble. It reminds me so much of the shark's fin soup you eat at a chinese wedding banquet, only more solid with tiny pieces of ginger and black vinegar sexing up the dossier.

Golden eye fillet with sweet potato, ginger and soy.

Delicious, fragrant fried rice.

And all with accompanying wines! Aahhh pity I had to drive. MY HUBBY was SO jealous!

Believe me now that there were SO MUCH FOOD? We were treated like royalties!

Oh, but wait. There's more.

Desserts were...

Traditional Almond Pudding.

And Osmanthus & Red Bean Sticky Black Rice Pudding.

We ordered little herbal teas with pretty blossoms in the pot, fragrant and refreshing.

I had a fantastic night out, no husband no kids, fabulous food, and the best dinner date I could ask for. We felt like MasterChef judges sampling food (the words of my +1), it was an enjoyable and memorable evening.

And for this and more to come, I will gladly write again.

David's Prahran is NOW RE-LAUNCHED!

4 Cecil Place
VIC 3181

Phone:+61 (3) 9529 5199
Email Bookings:
Twitter: @davidsprahran
Facebook: Davids Restaurant

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Anonymous said...

Nawww, what a lovely write up and I'm glad you had a great time and nah, you didn't mention it was JenLi's birthday. We could ... stress could have made David sing happy birthday! lol. P.S. Seriously... don't be jealous. I miss my munchkins, but I love my job. It's difficult. :). I 'm jealous of you! Ah, we all want want we don't have eh?

Grace said...

I was about to email you the link!!! Didn't want you to see I was up at crazy 2am writing this!! Hahah... but I guess you've seen this post hey? I'll email it anyways, just to make it *complete* Thank you for thinking of me again <3 <3

Maria said...

Been wanting to go to this restaurant for the longest time. Must make an effort now :)

Melody said...

Hello! I think I was sitting at the table next to yours hehe. But the night really was fantastic wasn't it? I don't know anyone who can refrain from good food *___*

Grace said...

Hello Melody! :) It's hard to go around to say hello to everyone that night... the food was keeping everyone SO busy!! But looking forward to your post. :)