Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Birthdays...

At first, it felt like a good plan that we have all our kids around the same time of the year. One big birthday bash for all three kids, and that's all the parties sorted for the year. SO wrong! And of course it was totally unplanned.

Lachlan, Lucas and Lily had their birthdays one week apart from each other. Lily turned 2 years old, Lucas 4 and Lachlan 6. We had three birthday parties, one after another. Boy it was a VERY busy month. There were lots of baking, the sugar shelves in my local supermarket was completely wiped out, by me.

 Lily's Tea Party

 Lachlan's Rock Star Party

Lucas' Ninjago LEGO Birthday

Yeah... it was pretty crazy...


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Kathy said...

OMG Grace, I am so INCREDIBLY impressed with all three parties and their spreads! I especially adore Lily's tea party spread - how beautiful it all looks.

I am also a little boggled that you did three separate parties so close together ... I totally would've piked on that :-) I have a February, May and August birthday with mine so nicely spread out, I have time to get my wind back!

Anonymous said...

Where is the photo of the Birthday Girl??

Grace said...

Thank you Kathy!

It was crazy times... I piked after the first party. But soldiered on for the rest. It was an uphill battle! LOL

Love your blog, you're an inspiration.

X Grace

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