Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Hello Blog!

OK, so I think I am back. I have taken a rather extended hiatus from blogging. There has been quite a lot happening over the last couple of months. Buying a house, selling a house, moving house and now, renovating a house! But I could safely say that we have ironed things out, and on the right track back to our normal routine. It has been a smooth sailing adventure, but hey, packing and unpacking boxes is not too much fun when you're up to Box No. One Hundred and Twenty-Two!

Moving house takes up SO MUCH of your time, it zaps up your every last bit of energy, it's like a never-ending marathon. Whatever bit of time I have left, I thought it was only fair that I spend it on my children. I must admit though, inspirations have been hard to come by and I am struggling a wee bit (I think) to think about what to blog about. Maybe there are just SO MANY things I don't even know where and how to start!

How about this: We are so madly in LOVE with this place! The kids are crazy about their own little rooms (OK, except Lily), the space to run wild, the big gum trees! Oh it is so so green here, I absolutely love it! We stretch out our arms and legs, and there is SO MUCH room to streeeeettcchhh (and also SO MUCH HOUSE WORK!!) Oh yes, I absolutely love it! Haaaa......

And have I told you, we share this house with a gazillion of other living beings? We find 2, 4, 6 and 8 legged creatures of all shapes and colours and sizes, I feel like we're in a freaking museum of entomology!

Here to greet me on my kitchen window sill early in the morning...

Hello Mr. Mantis :)

Ugghhh... I'm not a big fan of 8 legged creatures! This orangey number is apparently a baby huntsman and she's already the size of Lily's palm. Gaaaaahhhhh!!

Often there will be a row of cockatoos sitting on the fence outside the window when the kids ate their breakfast. And one night, we heard hoot hoot, hoot hoot and we thought it was one of the kids snoring. But there he was, Mr. Owl perched on one of the gum trees.

Maybe I should start charging rent. Best Blogger Tips


maggie said...

oh Grace, i am just as excited about your new place and really can't wait to see it in person!
sounds like the kids are really enjoying it. better teach them how to mow the lawn now. they can each have they own patch to work on :))

Charmaine said...

Your new home sounds fab. It's nice when there is plenty of space for everyone. I wouldn't be keen on the housework though. BTW, I'm heading down to Melb in early July. Hope to catch up then.

Anonymous said...

hi blogger! im a follower of your blog. you inspired me. hey, do post up some photos of your lovely crib. im sure every reader is keen to take a peek on the outstanding reno you've done to your new home.

Glenn B said...

How fascinating! I'd be going crazy taking lots of macro photos of the little critters!

Grace said...

Hi mags! Still waiting to catch up with you and your beautiful family. Hope you are settling in your new place too. Yah, must train the boys to mow the lawn!!

Grace said...

Charmaine, would love to catch up with you! Will you be coming with your family? Do let me know the details when it's closer to the time ok!

Grace said...

Dear anonymous,

Sure will, some photos coming right up! :) Thank you so much for reading the blog.


Grace said...


You inspired Gary to take some macro shots of some bugs.... but ewwwwww, no way I'm going too close to them. Who knows when they might zip up and fly straight into my eye err.. lens!

See you Friday!!

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