Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Lily Jade @ 9 months

My baby girl is 9 months old, can you believe? She is at this SUPER CUTE age, I wish I could bottle her up and keep her this way forever! She's full of smiles and giggles, constantly exploring the world. It doesn't take much, even the simplest thing keeps her happy. She loves her fruits. Throw her a nectarine or an apricot, she sits on her chair munching her fruit for ages.

Over the space of one month, Lily's development has PROGRESSED at lightning speed. And she has all her aunts and uncles, grandaunts and granduncles, grandma and especially grandpa, to thank for that.

She is 8.5 kgs. She has grown 3 teeth and she looks so cheeky when she smiles. Just one of her top incisors has grown and it's so freaking huge, it is so scary to feed her. Just what happens when she has two?

She loves to crawl to where the big boy's toys are. And often you would find part of Buzz Lightyear sticking out of her mouth or Lightning McQueen smothered in her saliva. She loves to stick her bum up high in the air, with her feet and hands firm on the ground, like in a downward dog (yoga) position. She pulls up on furnitures to stand, and sometimes couldn't get herself back down and calls out for help.

Thank you grandpa for teaching me how to clap hands and wave bye-bye.

Thank you grandma for teaching me twinkle twinkle little star.

Phaik Gunn Kor-Poh for teaching me how to blow. Kim-kim for splashing hands and kicking legs in the water. Aunty Yee Ling for blowing kisses. Ching Yoong "che-che" for teaching me how to say "che-che". And everyone else who has cuddled me, talked to me, nurtured, taught and showed me so many things in life. Most importantly, thank you for teaching me how to smile.

She oozes happiness, everyone just can't get enough of! Best Blogger Tips

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