Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Passed In

The gruelling weeks of sleeplessness, renovations and cleaning for open for inspections did not pay off. The auction that took place last Saturday was inconclusive, our property passed in at a price lower than anticipated. Oh how I have been looking forward to sticking the "SOLD" sticker on the board outside the house, how I thought never again would I be cleaning windows for the rest of the year, how exciting it would be that I could now look forward to the "new" place.


We have not sold. We're back on the drawing board. We have more open for inspections to come, offers to be considered, decisions to be made, a household to run and a LOT to be done. The game is still on.

I am exhausted, a little bit deflated but not defeated. We shall see what the week ahead bring us. Best Blogger Tips


kelvic said...

Hi Grace,

Don't lose heart! U and G must persevere! With Christmas and holidays around the corner, no doubt ppl r just too busy to house hunt. Give it some time and I'm sure the sold sticker will eventuate ;) love ur place btw. U've decorated it very well. I think u have a new found career path to pursue once the kiddies r older ;)

Good luck and Merry Christmas to u both plus the 3 adorable L's! V x

Mamapumpkin said...

I hope the New Year brings you great luck to see your house being sold of at a handsome price! Happy New year to the five of you!!!